Anti-gay preacher Steven Anderson banned from Ireland

Nov 2008
Washington state
I do. I think it's heinous for ANY religion to behave the way that Pastor is. It upsets me a great deal when I hear of the things done to gays in some countries. But there isn't whole lot I can do about what goes on in those other countries. I will speak out against any Americans who endorse killing gays or making homosexuality illegal.
Thats fair enough. I don't think Homosexuals have ever been illegal in America have they?
Jul 2011
I am outraged that at what some Muslims do to gays. My point is that this guy is no better. He's pretty much the same as those Muslims who kill gays.

Sorta.... you give it lip service only when someone brings it up. Otherwise you'd never mention it.

Just like you guys never talk about gun control in relation to illegal guns in inner cities.
Nov 2008
Washington state
Yes, of course - until surprisingly recently in some states. Laws against gay sex were struck down by the Supreme Court in 2003.
Used to be Adultery was looked down on by the courts , but now it might be a small offense , or overlooked all together. Unless your Donald Trump, then off course its a crime worthy of Impeachment
Nov 2007
Prague, Czech Republic
Then why don't Gay rights activist go after Muslims for murdering Gays? Lets see them treat Muslims the same way they treat Christians.
So I went to Stonewall's website (Stonewall is the most famous gay right's campaign organisation in the UK) to have a look what they're currently angry about. One of their 6 current big campaigns is to stop the killings of gay people in Chechnya (being done by Muslims). None of their campaigns mention Christians.

Don''t worry - I think the gays are way ahead of you.