Anti-Islam "blasphemy" by French teenager

Jan 2015
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Jul 2011
The American Left ALSO have real issues with accepting criticism of Islam.
They simply have an instinct to defend any minorities :)

Not, in itself, a bad thing, IMHO

Just, must remember that a minority is not always gonna be in the right either ;)

Good and bad people come from everywhere...

The principle is, of course, not unique to Islam.
Oh, absolutely. In Russia, for example, there are Orthodox Christian groups just as militant and crazy as any Muslim ones...
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Mar 2019
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Islam is a false religion, they don't like hearing that, many muslims would get violent over that

The angry muslim meme is real life guys
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Feb 2020
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Muslims have a real issue with accepting criticism of their religion... It's truth. I say this as someone who grew up among many of them...
What about the lunatic right wing evangelicals demanding Netflix and Amazon end shows that disparage their filthy religion?