Anti-LGBT Activists 'Testing' Target By Sending Men Into Women's Rooms

Nov 2014
It turns out that anti-LGBT activists are right that men are taking advantage of a transgender-inclusive policy at Target to go into women’s restrooms — and those men are anti-LGBT activists.

In an interview this morning with “Breitbart News Daily,” the American Family Association's director of governmental affairs, Sandy Rios, said that activists have been “testing” Target’s policy by sending men into women’s rooms at the retail chain.

Rios' group has been leading a boycott of Target after the company said it would allow transgender people to use the restroom that matches their gender identity, which it claims will lead to open season for “sexual predators.”

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Mar 2012
New Hampshire
Many people predicted this would happen. Not surprising at all. I am sure James Okeefe will be around with a camera crew any day now.
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Jul 2014
In an interview Monday with Breitbart News Daily, AFA director of government affairs Sandy Rios explained that volunteers have been “testing” Target’s policy of allowing people to use the restroom that conforms with their gender identity, by sending men into women’s rooms. We’ll assume she means men dressed as women, but she didn’t really specify:

Host Stephen Bannon thundered that there’s nothing “inclusive” about Target’s policy at all, because in reality, the company is trying to exclude people who are decent, hard-working people that don’t want their four-year-old daughter to have to go into a bathroom with a guy with a beard in a dress. Bannon didn’t explain how he knows trans people don’t work for a living, but you just know they’re all on welfare. They probably get free Obama transgender phones too. Also, why is it always a “four-year-old daughter” in these hypothetical horror stories? Did the wingnuts hold focus groups to determine four-year-olds elicited the most sympathy from panicked family-values types?

Rios was shocked, shocked to reveal that there are “no barriers” to people walking into unlocked bathrooms, although we should note that in our own shopping experience, we have never seen a chain-store restroom without stalls that have doors on them. Back in ancient history, when we worked retail and had to mop the ladies’ rooms (and were, thus, a man — or at least a pimply teen boy — in the women’s room. We always knocked first), we also noticed this obsession stores have with putting doors on the stalls. Rios found this very disturbing:

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Mmm, seems like they might be advocating for bathroom "monitors". I would expect nothing less from the American Family Association
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