Anti-Semite and Racist White Separatist to Run Against Pelosi

Jul 2016
Anti-Semite and Racist White Separatist to Run Against Feinstein

I'm just wondering how many of our forum members would support this guy against Nancy Pelosi?Republican Senate Candidate, Who Has Called for Country 'Free From Jews,? Could be Dianne Feinstein?s Challenger
Overt anti-Semites have been slowly creeping into Republican politics in the aftermath of President Trump’s successful, populist candidacy, and now one of them has a fighting chance of representing the Republican Party in a Senate race.The man in question is Patrick Little, an extremist with hardline anti-Semitic viewswho is backed by David Duke and other far-right extremists. Little will be squaring off in a top-two primary with 10 other Republicans as well as Democrats and independents on June 5 for the chance to oppose veteran Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein. According to a recent poll, released last week, he very much has a chance of winning the right to face off with the incumbent.A poll conducted by local ABC News affiliates along with the polling company Survey USA, suggested that Little is polling at 18 percent of the vote on the Republican ticket, a full 10 points ahead of his next strongest opponent. The 84-year-old Feinstein, who first entered office way back in 1992, at the start of Bill Clinton’s first term, remains a solid favorite to win the state—polling at 39 percent.
Here's a snippet from something called "GAB" that he posts on:
Patrick little @Patrick_little16 daysI propose a government that makes counter-semitism central to all aims of the state. A government:1) Of a People, for that people, free from jews2) That cannot revoke the right to bear arms, such that this people can remain free from jews3) that forbids all immigration except of biological kin, where no person of jewish origin may live, vacation, or traverse Reply Comments Repost Quote
RepliesdatescoreEdgar @edgarallanpoegrom16 days · editedAgreed but I'd also add that foreign Jews are not permitted to buy property in our state.
Patrick little @Patrick_little16 daysYes, any sentence in the constitution will have to be punctuated with ( and no jews, in any way shape or form), for good measure.
Slake Ronin @KurdaMikes16 days · edited i dream of kike free world. Would be so awesome Carlos Grant @WhiteHorde16 daysJews are indeed subversive to the White man and the Western Civilization that he built.There will be no room in the White Ethnostate for Jews. Time to pack their bags.Hail Victory!
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Dec 2015
In Your Heart!
Seriously? Is this guy for real? He's already lost the race right there!
Jul 2013
Nashville, TN
Board right wingers would be all in on this guy if he is running against the hated Nancy....
Mar 2010
In a multiparty system, guys like that are on the extreme fringe, but in America they run as Republicans.

Such a shame.
Jul 2014
Sounds like he'd be running against Feinstein, though, and not Pelosi, if you read the OP......
Yep, and it was even on the TV "news" today.

Sounds like an incorrect thread title.

And a lot of members commented without catching on...