Anti vaccine book tells kids to "embrace the measles"

Mar 2012
New Hampshire
A new book from Australian anti vaccination author Stephanie Messenger is telling kids to embrace having the measles in her book "Melanie's Marvelous Measles." In it she tells kids to enjoy the "wonderful world of illness."

"Educate children on the benefits of having measles and how you can heal from them naturally and successfully. Often today, we are being bombarded with messages from vested interests to fear all diseases in order for someone to sell some potion or vaccine, when, in fact, history shows that in industrialized countries, these diseases are quite benign and, according to natural health sources, beneficial to the body. Having raised three children vaccine-free and childhood disease-free, I have experienced many times when my children’s vaccinated peers succumb to the childhood diseases they were vaccinated against."

Reviews of this book on Amazon and other sellers have been brutal.

Anti-vaccine book tells kids to embrace measles -

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