Anybody believe GOP will "defund Obamacare" before their deadline of Sept. 30th?

Jun 2013
True but the real story will come out next year during the mid terms. If republicans get a majority AFTER Obamacare is rolled out officially they might be succeeding.
I think your timeline is a little off. You'd need a veto-proof Senate...or a pipedream that President Obama would sign away his key domestic policy achievement rather than bet on it working out and even a Republican successor not being able to repeal it just "fix it".
Mar 2012
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Jan 2008
Well... the thing is, they already know it will fail so they are not actually trying to succeed at defunding the ACA. What they are successfully doing is acting like they are working to impress their constituents while accomplishing nothing at all.
& as usual accomplishing nothing good for their country.
May 2013
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(Note: The deadline is self-imposed, as they say after the budget process...even with a will be "too late" to stop the full January implementation of the PPACA and little chance to ever repeal it after that)

I vote no.

Hell no! They have just as much at stake - maybe moreso, than Obama himself, kickback wise, pandering wise, voting wise. One party systems are easy to decode.


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Nov 2009
I don't think there is a significant enough difference between the two parties for either to thwart the relentless march away from liberty and towards socialism.
I think this is true to some degree. Strange though that even with so much in common, they still can't work together on anything. :-/


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Jan 2008
All spending is inherently discretionary, Congress' label notwithstanding. In actuality Congress spends the money - literally - ALL of it.
I have an idea:
How about if Congressional Republicans start to help their country instead of just their party?
We taxpayers pay their salary, not the RNC but they always work strictly for their party & never for us taxpayers!
Not a single jobs bill has been passed by the HOR ...House of Republicans....& they have voted some 40 times in meaningless efforts to repeal a law we Americans passed, was signed by the POTUS & reviewed favorably by the SCOTUS.

Question for you NewPublius: Are you satisfied with the way your party is functioning in Congress these days?