Anyone watching the live HOR hearings on the Mueller report?

Mar 2012
New Hampshire
The hearing is much more important than spending hours repeating the same facia over and over.
It wasnt on the main CSPAN either maybe one of the secondary CSPANS? The news channels are going overboard with the helicopter crash. Its like the Malaysian crash all over again.
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Mar 2012
New Hampshire
Why on earth is John Dean a witness? A witness to what? Was he there...does he have privilege to the Mueller Report. Talk about a total waste of tax payer money.
Mentioned this to a young coworker early this morning. It went like this "Dean who?" "You know the Watergate guy?" "Whats Watergate?" lol Gotta love the youth.
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Jan 2008
I agree. It shows how desperate Nadler is to continue with the witch hunt. Who on earth would believe a convicted felon who has lied in the past to save his own skin?
LOL......We still have not seen the unwhitewashed Mueller report!
We didn't let Nixon whitewash the why in the world we allow this criminal president to pick and choose what he wants to hide from us??

We need the full unredacted Mueller report and all background material including the easily acquired grand jury testimony which only takes a request from the DOJ to a federal judge.

The GOP is helping Putin at every turn.
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