AOC Schooled ....... AGAIN


Council Hall
Dec 2007
Pennsylvania, USA
No, I'm asking for evidence that exonerates them from the suspected practice, not whether it's codified in writing. Kinda like mueller's report didn't exonerate trump from suspected actions.
Can you name just one U.S. college that has ever adjusted course grades (not to be confused with admissions standards) based on minority status? Is there even a precedent for such a thing?
May 2019
West Haven
"They" is referring to the Jewish people you are referring to in your post.

You made the statement the Jewish people overwhelmingly vote Democrat and I asked if you had an explanation for why these people you are referring to would vote for members of the DSA who are undeniably Anti-Semitic.
If your comment is true, wouldn't that make them dumber than AOC?
Jul 2013
Nashville, TN
I don't know I said if she earned a degree at BU, they should lose there accreditation if they are teaching economics that poorly.
Boston University ranked 12th best Economics Department in the US.
BU Economics ranked #12 by RePEc, December 2013
RePEc (Research Papers in Economics) releases a monthly report listing the Top 25% US Economics Departments. The rankings are are based on data about authors who have registered with the RePEc Author Service, institutions listed on EDIRC, bibliographic data collected by RePEc, citation analysis performed by CitEc and popularity data compiled by LogEc.
BTW, University of Tennessee is ranked 96th.

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