AOC's outrageous Claim

Jan 2019
I'm starting to think that Cortez is Trump's secret weapon.
We should start a campaign for people to mail her a dollar and a letter reading : Just wanted to thank you for helping re elect our President in 2020, keep up the good work, you Go Girl!
PS, hope this helps with the rent and your outfits costing thousands of dollars. MAGA 2020! Please keep tweeting about all this like, important stuff and stuff!
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Jan 2018
Plamer Earth
I am astounded that her past has not come back to haunt her. Where are the embarrassing photos? Where are the shocking stories from co-workers and fellow students. I find it difficult to believe that there are none. I do believe someone out there has a folder that would ruin her. And they are holding on to that folder to allow her to make a mockery of the Democratic platform (New green Deal). When the time is right she will be publicly shamed. Just my opinion.
Mar 2019
mine field
I see on the news that AOC took on Liz Cheney about the 22nd Amendment and made a fool out of herself. Discussing the Constitution with bar patrons is one thing, but a totally different game with Liz Cheney. Liz has an education.