Are people coming back as dogs?

Jan 2012
Vacaville, CA
The Animal Network show Pet Star (2002-2005), hosted by Mario Lopez, was a contest between owners and their pets who performed tricks for cash rewards that ranged from $2,500 to $25,000.

One episode featured a woman whose dog would turn over alphabet blocks to spell words. She claimed that when she first exposed the animal to the blocks, the dog spelled out the name of her late mother, which led her to believe that the dog was the reincarnation of her parent. Lopez had no reaction to this revelation.

Could people be returning as dogs or other pets? Considering the moral decline of America, many people could be demoted in their next turn of existence. Widespread use of contraceptives and abortions may also reduce the availability of human bodies for returning souls.

The growing acceptance of pets as family members suggests that people may intuitively sense some human background in their animals. In the United States, older people have fewer grandchildren to dote on; reincarnated humans in pets could be a substitute.

The next time you look at Fido, this is what you may really see: