Are you a moderate?

Jan 2018
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I would say I am a Franklin D. Roosevelt democrat. That is to be mindful of others and their plight so you can help them if they are down. To want business's to be profitable while still caring for the employees.
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Ian Jeffrey

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Mar 2013
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Some people are moderates because they tend toward the center. Other people are moderates because sometimes they fall on the left, and sometimes they fall on the right. (This is distinct from who they might vote for, which might be a separate question for some of them.)
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Mar 2015
Mad Prophet
Did the moderates get dragged right as well?
Trump, himself is not that far right, actually. If you look beyond the high profile issues, Trump more 'right-of-center' than far right.

The problem with Trump is not so much where he is on the political spectrum with regards to left or right, rather how he operates, e.g., bypassing congress and acting unilaterally. He is very dictator-like and make no mistake about it; if he could, he would be POTUS until he is 90 and he would change the laws to do it.

I consider myself to a tad bit to the center as far as the whole Left/Right dichotomy, but polar opposite to Trump's nationalistic/authoritarian controlling type of government.

Here is a typical political spectrum chart:

I'm more towards the liberty side of the spectrum, this is why i will often clash with some of the staunch nationalists of our site over issues of police brutality, institutional racism, etc.
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