Are you prejudice against any race, religion, ethnic group, country, or area of a country?

Are you prejudice against against any race, religions, ethic group, country, or area of a country?

  • Yes most definitely and not ashamed of it

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  • Absolutely not!

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  • I don't want to be, and try not to be, but realize to some extent it's part of being human

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  • To some extent

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Jul 2011
LOL, with respect, that is something of a red herring in relation to barristers' wigs. I agree with the Zimbabweans who object to spending money on such things when people are starving, and a barrister's peruke is different (and less costly) than a judicial wig. :)

And BTW, British judiciary do not wear the more formal wig in civil courts (not since 2008,) - that attire is reserved for Senior Courts and criminal cases. However, the majority of Britons believe that it is necessary to uphold the majesty of the law, which is why our Senior Court apparel and layout appears quite formal, with distinct separation of counsel, the jury, the accused, and the bench.

Youth Courts operate quite differently in the UK. The surrounding and attire are less formal, and designed so that children are not intimidated, and understand the proceedings (as often as not, the children plead and give evidence via video link). I know this information is OT, but I want to avoid the impression that modern British Courts are akin to a scene from Gilbert & Sullivan's Trial by Jury.
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