Armed Homeowner Foils Trespasser

Sep 2016
My own world
Sounds like there is more to this story. Did this guy know the man? It really doesn't add up on how this could happen as described.
Jul 2019
2 hours seems like a long time to wait.

Meyer said he had his wife contact an attorney before he called 911 at 7:04 a.m. to report a home invasion in progress.
Meyer refused to answer the 911 dispatcher's questions and repeatedly said "he was a victim of a crime and that medical assistance was needed," according to the warrant.
Police officers arrived to find the deceased male lying facedown in the park behind Meyer's home with a gunshot wound to the back of his neck, Dallas police said in a post on the department website. The warrant said Dallas Fire Rescue determined the person had been dead for several hours.
Crime scene analysts called to process the scene couldn't find any spent shell casings. According to the warrant, Meyer told them that he picked them up and threw them away. Detectives also noted in the warrant that several neighbors stated hearing three gunshots, not two.
Meyer was arrested and charged with murder Thursday. He was released from jail Friday after posting the $150,000 bond, according to records from the Dallas County Sheriff's Office.
Dallas Police have not identified the man who was shot.
CNN reached out to Meyer's attorney but has not received a response.
Mar 2019
If they said it once, they said it 50 times during my gun safety class. The holes HAVE TO BE IN THE FRONT !!!!! As badly as we may want, shooting them in the back when they are running away, is murder.

Shooting him in the front while, he was holding and supposedly threatening the home owner with the pickax, was legit self defense. Taking shots at them as they run away, and apparently hitting the perp in the back, is as we see, called murder. To bad, so sad. I'm a gun owner and permit holder and would certainly defend my home. But the law is pretty damned clear and this guy screwed up.
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