A's on the rise but SAT scores fall


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Sep 2014
I don't know what to tell you. The link I cited lists the eligibility criteria that students must maintain--the on-going criteria, so far as I can tell. It doesn't mention attendance--just progress to degree. I've only ever taught at 4-year state institutions. Our rules are really strict in the design of courses--they have to fill the time allotted (usually 15 "Carnegie hours" x 3) and require homework for double that amount of time. We have to HAVE an attendance policy, but no one tells us what it should be, and there's never been any central authority to whom we had to report the attendance of individual students.
I teach for two 4-year State colleges, one face to face, locally and UK which is hybrid. I report attendance for both. Who knows, I just do as I am told and I really don't want my tax dollars wasted on students who do not attend class....so I feel it is a good thing. Keeps everyone ethical. All of the colleges where I teach are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, so maybe they keep it for visits to prove that a quality education is being provided. With the exception of the Health Care Management students, most of my classes are also accredited by a programmatic accreditation, such as the Board of Nursing. Attendance is definitely required for those classes and reporting is the only way.
May 2012
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I didn't say the student applies for FASFA every three months. They apply once a year, but the college requests and receives funds during that year periodically. I thought you were part of administration at a college.
Haha, nope.

I am technically a full-time student and I work for the college as a contractor of sorts.

I have nothing to do with any administration areas.

I will assume then that you are correct on how they request their funds since I have no knowledge of that part of it.

Oct 2014
Galaxy ZRF
I give out a plethora of A's when I have to grade.

Especially if its a dumb assignment and its obvious they put effort into it.

Everyone grades differently though.

Many grade very mechanically, make this many errors, count them up, cross reference it with their grading card, and that's your grade.

I think that's a stupid way to grade.

I suppose I am screwed if I ever get challenged on a grade lol.
You don't grade anything. You are not a teacher. And even if you were, you're blind...so you can't grade things.


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Nov 2014
Yep, NEA doing their job dumbing down the population. 40 years and making children dumber each generation.
May 2012
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Still waiting to see that rumor that hot chicks will offer to sleep with you for a better grade.

Yeah, doesn't happen.



Feb 2010
Looking at the OP again, it occurs to me that helicopter parents are probably a major reason for grade inflation. Pressure from parents tends to raise grades. I've seen principals order students retested or even a whole class's grades raised. If I wanted to give a student an "F" (and this is back in the 80's) I had to write a paragraph of explanation as to why. (Usually it was about attendance, which is closely watched at the K-12 level.).

Also, SAT scores could be falling because more people are taking the test. I think we can assume that the most ambitious students, who planned to go to college, have always taken that test. As more students plan to attempt college, the number of SAT takers will go up-=-including less capable students who wouldn't have considered that move before--and so the average score would tend to go down.