As Patients Struggle With Bills, Hospital Sues Thousands for unpaid bills


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Sep 2014
I'll bet you were discouraged from reporting the actual hours you worked. AMIRIGHT? (we never could in the DEA)
We got paid for 50 hrs/wk (Premium Pay) but actually worked much more than that......but could never report it or management would be all over you.
I was on salary so I could not report it back then. I worked so much, I lost track of how many hours I worked during a week. That was the worst job I ever had in my life. LOL Never again, will I manage people and work on salary. I had administration breathing down my neck over my budget and numbers and I had idiots to babysit on the other end. I was a whipping girl. :)

The Man

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Jul 2011
Hospitals are closing all over. I hate this is happening but they seem to be hemorrhaging money as the insurance is not even close to what they need to remain open. We have doctors up here now refusing Medicaid because what they get paid is so little. Afraid its going to get even uglier.

Declining Access to Health Care in Northern New England
Russia has a two tier system, I know. Very nice, upscale private facilities, for the rch and powerful.

And for the rest - awful state-run hospitals and clinics, which, especially fasr in the provinces, can lack modern equipment, and where personnel may earn less than fast food employees: Russian Doctors Paid Less Than Fast Food Workers

Some xenophobes there get pissed that plenty of these places now draw nurses and even more senior personnel from ex-Soviet Central Asia republics (same places where millions of other workers pour into Russia constantly, from construction to agricultual)

They want to only be treated by white people, at the hospital, the xenophobes and racists do lol

And refuse to accept that white Russian people increasingly don't want to work in public health care, for the shit wages there...