AT&T owns your personal information



What does ATT have to do with the Patriot Act? You do anything to tie anything to Bush. Most campanies sell your information.


In California, it is against the law for any company to sell you financial information, including banks. Banks fought this law and lost. In Healthcare, Federal HIPAA law does not allow medical organizations to even give your name, social security number, address or even phone number to ANYONE without your written permission. This law was brought about after Identity theft was linked to information shared in medical offices. In California, businesses are not allowed to give or sell customer information without signed permission from the customer. I am told some other states have such laws, but I am not sure of that.

This is what it comes down to. Let's say you have an unlisted number. AT&T is saying it has the right to give or sell that unlisted number to anyone they want to, even though you are paying them not to make it public. I could go to AT&T with a few thousand dollars are request addresses and phone numbers and social security numbers, claiming it is for my sales organization or survey group, and they could choose to sell me all the information I ask for. And I can steal the identities of every single one, making millions and ruining lives in few hours.

Does this sound far fetched? It has already happened to hundreds of thousands of Americans - not necessarilly from AT&T, but from companies that sell your information for proffit, such as AT&T is saying it has the right to do. The reason AT&T is more of a concern than information companies, is information companies are legally limmitted in their resources and what information they can sell, wheras AT&T is the largest utillity in America, and has information people don't give to anyone but utillities, such as birth information, address history, creditor information, social security history and employment history. This could be a gold mine for identity thieves.


The VA already set my info out there, so AT&T worries me little.

However they can collect and sell your information, for some reason it's not illegal, they can also (as we know) monitor phone lines for "quality assurance". For that same reason so can ISP's monitor your web use. To assume someone does not have access to your information is a nice pipe dream, but it is only that. A pipe dream.

Trust the NSA, they tell us.