Awesome new car show

The Man

Former Staff
Jul 2011
Russian channel NTV debuted yesterday a great new competition/game show involving car/vehicle stunts, "Rossiya rulit!" ("Russia drives!", but it can also mean, very patriotically, "Russia rules!" lol), co-hosted by Nikolai Fomenko, a famous stand up comic, singer, actor, and amateur car racer, among other things; and Polina Maksimova, also an actress

with two other guys on the jury, both racing and stunt professional experts

Some really amazing stuff there, like this guy from Ural Mountains, who drives an excavator both as his job and hobby and has previously won some sort of professional skills challenge among excavator drivers, who opened bottles with his excavator, etc
I especially like the ending, where he brought his wife, who is pregnant with their second daughter, a bouquet of flowers, along with ultrasound pic of the baby, with the arm of the excavator lol :)

There was also this dude, who drifted while throwing darts at balloons

And this mom of three, who works at a bank in Moscow and races for a hobby, drove up a ramp to pop balloons too
She talked about how she is usually the only woman on the race courses and is often not taken seriously as a competitor because of it. And has fought against this all her life. She was the only female on this show too, consequently. Did great either way :)