Banning the anti-fascists

Nov 2014
North Carolina
I hate to tell you this, but if this thread was meant to be critical of the President you didn't succeed.

His tweet was actually pretty awesome. Adam Best's comment was extremely stupid and none responsive because the President didn't say ANTFIA was murdering people. He said they were assaulting people with baseball bats (which yes, they do).

Adam Best must have took a crash course on how to debate from some of the moderators on this board or something. Let's just make up some point out of the blue and then pretend the other person said it so I can argue with myself and pretend I"m such a great

I'm going to go ahead and give you democrats some free advice. Control your hatred and knee jerk desire to oppose everything the President does. Because throwing in with or rushing to the defense of ANTIFA is a very dumb move. Not only morally but politically. The power this President has to make the democrats act moronically is something else entirely. It's almost eerie in fact. He even somehow got them to defend MS13. It's just crazy the way this guy manipulates democrats into showing their asses.
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