Bannon: GOP college educated women are done, gone, "now it's the Trump movement"

Jul 2015
Read the final sentence. Good riddance? Adios? Don't let the precinct door kick you in the ass? It REALLY is the white boys club now? The 'we love the uneducated' includes uneducated women who don't have to be 'reasoned' with? Appealed to?

If I were a REP, I'd be very very concerned that Bannon's remarks stay on the BREITBART pages or the white-male only demographic hours at FOX. Women can be quite contrarian when they are DISSED. THEY GET PISSED--even the uneducated ones.

[FONT=&amp]Steve Bannon plots for Trump to exclude women voters: ‘The Republican college-educated woman is done — They’re gone’



31 JUL 2018 AT 13:12 ET

Steve Bannon (Photo: Screen capture)

Former White House adviser Steve Bannon this week cautioned President Donald Trump that he is wasting his time by campaigning to Republican women because “they’re gone.”

In an interview with Vanity Fair writer Gabriel Sherman, Bannon suggested that Trump is on track to win the 2020 election.

“It’s like my white board’s there and Trump is checking shit off,” Bannon crowed. “Trump is on the full MAGA agenda.”

Bannon argued that the 2018 midterm election is like 2016’s contest, except Trump is running against House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) instead of Hillary Clinton.
“She’s the Hillary,” he said. “She’s got some of the same tendencies!”

The former Trump adviser said that the threat of impeachment would drive Trump voters to the polls. “When you focus on impeachment, it’s a game changer,” he explained. “It’s an emotional issue that raises the stakes.”

But Bannon’s also had some bad news for Trump concerning Republican women voters.

“This is a ‘deplorable-plus electorate.’ What I mean is, it’s deplorables plus Reagan Democrats and guys who voted for Trump who vote never. You bring them out in an off year.” he said.

The Republican college-educated woman is done,” Bannon added. “They’re gone. They were going anyway at some point in time. Trump triggers them. This is now the Trump movement.”


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Ramblings like this will have no effect on the hard core Trump fans, but it might be enough to turn off those who are the fence.
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