Battle in Baghdad



A few hours after waking up to the sounds of heavy gunfire, our Bureau Chief Cal Perry yelled: "I want a cameraman on the roof NOW -- get the fighter jets!" Air support for the "Haifa street battle" had arrived.

Within minutes, our engineers and cameramen were on the roof transmitting live pictures of fighter jets in the sky and Apache helicopters firing missiles; Correspondent Arwa Damon (embedded along with cameraman Dominic Swan on this operation) was phoning in reports with loud gunfire in the background. Correspondent Ryan Chilcote was reporting live as the battle in the heart of the capital intensified. Shortly afterwards Anchor/Correspondent Michael Holmes arrived from the streets of Baghdad and headed straight to the second live location.

All three CNN correspondents were in place for breaking news we have not seen in Baghdad for a while. Producers in the newsroom were making calls and passing on information to correspondents on the roof. Cal was running from the roof to the newsroom throughout making sure everyone on the roof had body armor and helmets on as he was overseeing our coverage.

The fighting died down by late afternoon. But tomorrow is a new day and every day in Baghdad brings a different story, a bombing, a mass kidnapping, a grisly discovery of tortured bodies, or a battle between insurgents and the military in the city center. But one thing never changes, we are all here as one team doing our best to cover a war that is becoming more and more difficult to cover every day.
-- from Jomana Karadsheh in Baghdad