BE 'Content and Happy' GOD laws require you be stoned to DEATH! A new Isis SLOGAN?

Feb 2013
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Islamic State militants fighting in Syria and Iraq have released a sickening video of a young woman being stoned to death by a group of men - including her own father.
The shocking footage is understood to have been filmed in the city of Hama and shows a bearded cleric ranting at the woman in Arabic and accusing her adultery while she pleads for her life.
The woman turns to her father and begs his forgiveness but he coldly rejects her, saying he would rather please God. He then turns to the men to give the signal for his daughter's murder to begin.
Minutes later, as the men rain rocks down upon the helpless woman, her father steps forward with a large stone and the video fades to black.
It is believed he had been granted the barbaric 'honour' of being allowed end the life of the daughter he felt had betrayed both him and her religion.

The militant orders her to be 'content and happy' that she is about to be stoned to death because, he says, her death has been ordered by God and is therefore required under Islamic law.

Asking her is she is now willing to 'submit to God' and be stoned to death, the young woman replies 'yes', before pleading with her father to forgive her.

After initially ignoring her, the man is eventually prompted into responding by the militant.
'Don't call me father,' he tells his daughter, who responds by asking him to pray for her.
At this point her father turns to the ISIS fighters, who help him tie a rope around her neck and drag her to a pit, where the stoning begins.

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