Bernie supporter's fairy tale.

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Oct 2010
A place not infested with lying partisan hacks
Once upon a time there was a conservative Bernie supporter..who was so pure and innocent of ever having voted anybody or having a constant negative attitude that has ever contributed to enabling or supporting one single negative political thing to ever occur.
They sit upon their throne polishing their tiara casting objections towards their political foes while suggesting that the consequences of not having their pure holiness take part in supporting Hillary will be earth shattering and felt across the political landscape for eons. "Anything that has ever happened in the past is bound to repeat itself in the future" they repeat over and over. Their candidate fails but nothing will taint the purity of the conservative Bernie supporter who will just continue to blame everybody but their own negativity for the consequences they help bring upon their candidate. They live in a fairy tale land where nothing is their fault and they are above the masses having been so perfect with their assertions and ability to not be wrong about anything. They are politically perfect, pure and sit high above us all in the perfect position to cast judgment. forever after.
Or until next week when Bernie goes limping back to Vermont..:)
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