Beto’s In!

May 2007
Houston, Texas
Nah, I disagree.

Two white guys on the democratic ticket is not something that could happen. I don't often make such self-assured predictions. But I'll make an exception here. If it turns out I'm wrong in the future I'll be happy to eat the crow. But I'm not that worried.
If you are wrong don't eat crow. Next time you can get a plate of Texas bar-b-que. That with a few margaritas makes everything better. lol
May 2007
Houston, Texas
You have my condolences.

For living in Houston for so long. I was there briefly----like, for one weekend plus a day or two-----in the summer, some three decades ago, and I was MISERABLE. Don't think I ever stopped sweating the whole time I was there. I think I was sweating when I took a shower.

Houston was my idea of HELL.

Sorry for your sweat bath.

I have lived in Houston for most of my 67 years. I love it! It does get hot, but you get used to it. lol One good thing is our winters are mild. I've spent many Christmas days in shorts and a tee shirt. The only thing that might make me leave Houston is the hurricanes, but so far so good. If I leave Texas I would move to Colorado.
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Jul 2016
Lol. I love the better half. We were watching the news and they showed a clip of Trump mocking Beto. She looks at me and said “Trump better never say his hands are bigger than Beto’s”.

I just left it at that.
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Oct 2013
Baby Beto married well...maybe he would like to give-away his father-in-law's fortune.
Forbes did a breakdown and sadly the father in law is only a millionaire (approx. 55m) and Beto is also a self made millionaire though his millions are less (approx. 5m.)