Beto livestreams getting his ear hair trimmed

Mar 2012
New Hampshire
Nothing phases this

The ribbing he took for live-streaming his visit to the dentist earlier this year appears to have had no effect on Beto O’Rourke.

The former Texas congressman was back on Facebook on Wednesday — live from the barbershop for a hair cut. “We’re cutting out some of this ear hair that you get when you get older,” O’Rourke told the camera, as his barber maneuvered a clipper. “It grows out of your ears, and if you don’t get it cut, it can be nasty.”

The live-stream, from Chema’s Barber Shop in O’Rourke’s hometown of El Paso, Texas, followed a spate of campaigning by the Democratic presidential contender in New Hampshire, followed by a fundraiser and media appearances in New York. And it served as a reminder that while O’Rourke may have professionalized his campaign infrastructure and — like a traditional presidential candidate — be courting national TV, he is still a candidate willing to turn a camera on himself for everything from his road trips to conversations with his neighbors.

‘We’re cutting out some of this ear hair’: Beto goes live from the barbershop
Mar 2019
In Sunday School with Hognoxious
I have no issue with mayor petes personal life or if he's gay or not, the fact is the left likes it's protected classes... there is a pecking order.
Pete is gay and proud of it. It's part of his campaign.

If he was a regular white male, with a real wife instead of a gay sex partner, the left wouldn't pay much attention to him