Beware the Work at Home Scams

Jun 2018
Over the past month, I have applied for about a dozen work at home jobs. Most of these were jobs doing writing. A few were taking surveys. So far 2 look like they might be legitimate, but I haven't been able to get started with them as of yet. All the rest were SCAMS. How do you identify them ? Very simple. They ask you for money. Usually, it's about $100. Some less. Legitimate employers PAY YOU. You don't pay them.

Here is one of the worst offenders >> Work From Home , Online Jobs

This one is entitled >> 1548525143047.png

Then the subtitle reads >> Best Way To Make Money At Home in 2019

Then you get this >> 1548525284147.png

By now the company figures they've got you hooked. And they probably do (for the naïve among us)

So going further, here's what we see >> 1. Computer Community - Top Pick

This then tells you all the so-called virtues of their # 1 "pick", followed by a link to get you to sign up. The first clue of the scammieness of all this is I notice, highlighted in yellow, that reads >> Special Promotion Ends Today: Saturday, 26 January 2019 Legit job offers don't end on the same day that you're finding out about them.

But you're curious, so you click the link they provide to go further into this. Now you fill in your name, email address and phone #, and click another link that says >> check for availability.

BOOM! Now you're really into the website, with a voice talking to you and a video of a woman giving you a sales pitch, and talking abour people who have done all this, and made a lot of money with it. But why are we getting sales pitches if we're applying for a job..?

The reason is near the bottom of this very long page of con jobbing. It shows up when they ask you for $97.00. Yup. That's the jist of this so-called "review" of a job. Somebody looking to take 97 bucks out of your pocket and put it in theirs.

Just out of curiosity, I thought I'd look at the next 2 "reviewed" work at home "opportunities". They were formatted exactly the same as the first one, and also asked for $97.

Amazing that these guys aren't being arrested.

Oh, yes the survey offers. I tried out 2 of them and they were alike. One of them called Survey Junkie signs you up, password, the whole bit, and then you start taking surveys for them. You answer all sorts of questions, mostly about certain private companies, and also about politics. I took one survey and I clocked it (working very rapidly) at 40 minutes. For this 40 minutes, I was give 80 points they said. After clicking a bunch more things I got up to 119 points. Underneath that it said "Redeemable $1.19" Wow. Do Mexican or Chinese workers make this little per hour ? I doubt it.
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