May 2012
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Yea, I was wrong. That was then and this is now. Things could change between now and the election, we will have to wait and see.
Fair enough.

Maybe I've over estimated Trump and he will get totally crushed.

That is certainly a possibility.

We can see all the good he has done for the nation in regards to the economy, lack of wars and the such but maybe his crassness overpowers that and people want a president with basic decency.


I made the mistake of thinking Hillary would smoke him so I have learned that when it comes to Trump I will have a wait and see attitude.

I think this is the first post of yours where I actually agreed with you and you didn't sound like an ass :)

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Jul 2011
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Kamala is a piece of human garbage who should be in prison.

It boggles the mind the democrats and the left would give her the time of say after her tyrannical run as a prosecutor fighting to keep innocent people in prison.

You know that elephant in the room about her the left here refuses to even acknowledge.