Biden leads Trump by 'landslide proportions' in new national poll

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Jul 2011
becoming more and more
doesn't Quinnipiac usually lean right ?
Former Vice President Joe Biden leads President Trump by 13 points nationally, according to the latest Quinnipiac University survey.

In a national head-to-head matchup, the poll found Biden taking 53 percent against 40 percent for Trump, with the poll's assistant director describing it as a "landslide" margin.

Five other Democratic contenders also lead the president: Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) hold healthy leads over Trump, with Sanders up by 9 points, Harris ahead by 8 and Warren leading by 7.
Biden leads Trump by 'landslide proportions' in new national poll

Biden seems to get more popular the more Trump attacks him.

While Trump seems to be suffering from the quicksand effect . The more he wiggles the deeper he sinks.

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Jul 2011
becoming more and more
A poll this far out is as "useful" as the weather forecast for Halloween day. Much less DAYS before. Polls exist to sway public opinion in the group thinkers of the herd.
polls this far out are the current polling data . Just like any other poll. They are what they are.
Mar 2012
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Way too early. In 2015 Jeb Bush was ahead by over 20 points and look how that turned out. What is interesting this early though is that the far left/progressive candidates combined have the highest lead with 34. Thats pretty big, I still dont see how the centrists pull this off.
Jul 2014
About 500 or so days till the election.

There may be that many more polls, too.

What does Nate Silver say?

He's NEVER wrong.

Oh, wait...there WAS that one time...
Apr 2015
Jan 2012
Most of the polls at this stage are either push polls by the media to try to bring consensus to their desired narrative or are utterly useless. They have zero predictive ability.

Also anyone on the Democratic side who supports anyone one OTHER than Biden should really have their eyes opened at this stage. The media is trying to determine the winner fo the Democratic Primary and make it a foregone conclusion before a single vote has been cast.

Sorry Warren, Sanders, Cruz and supporters of other candidates.... the TDS demands the media consensus pick of Biden be the winner so every bit of information that doesn’t lead to that doesn’t exist.