Biden walking away with the nomination?

Mar 2012
New Hampshire
New polling now is showing Biden with leads even in NH and Iowa. Is it over? Does Biden get the nod? If he should win either of these early states, I think it just might be over.

Two opinion polls from the states holding the first presidential nominating contests brought good news on Monday for former Vice President Joe Biden in his bid to be the 2020 Democratic nominee.

Surveys of voters in Iowa and New Hampshire showed Biden atop a clustered Democratic field.

Until recently, polls had Biden struggling a bit in both states, giving rise to speculation he would have to withstand some early losses before reaching contests in states such as South Carolina, where he has a better shot at winning.

But the new polls raise the prospect that Biden could secure the nomination more quickly than expected. He continues to lead the field in most national polls.

Jan 2015
Great State of Texas
LOL ....

See this is gonna make Hillary Clinton lose again.

Both she and Joe Biden have run for President twice.

They are tied for being the the nominee who has lost thier bid for the White House the most times.

If Joe Biden gets the nominee, he will certainly lose to the President, making this his 3rd loss, beating poor Ol' HRC's biggest loser record.
Dec 2006
In the Witness Protection Program
One thing that Democrats excel at is getting their asses handed to them.
What a stupid, I’ll informed statement. Republicans got schlonged in the last election and it would have been a greater drubbing but for successful voter suppression by Republicans.
Mar 2012
New Hampshire
I also would add that a senate trial will most likely seal the deal for Biden as he will be out there able to campaign and do town halls. The senators running wont be. Cory Booker said that was part of the reason he dropped out, he just couldnt run anymore.