Bill Clinton friend: Hillary Already Running For 2020

Dec 2014
Speaking of Rush Limburger, did you know that Slayer has a song about him named "Dittohead" ?

Also - Remember "Here Come Cowboys" by Psychedelic Furs, did you know it was about Reagan, according to an old interview w/ Richard Butler ?

Gimme 'All of the Law' Mr. DJ. That's a great Furs' tune.
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Jan 2016
1984, all over again
You post is almost funny,except for the fact of the loon you helped put in the WhiteHouse.

Strictly speaking MaryAnne - as you said "the loon you helped put in the WhiteHouse".

I did not vote for Dems because of Pres. Obama, Sec. Clinton for the following reasons elucidated in the following articles:

Pres. Obama, Sec. Clinton started the war in Syria - killing 500,000 innocent people

and sent military heavy weapons, medical aid, air cover/airstrikes on Syria to aid al Nusra/ ISIS

because I am loyal to the Anti-War Movement, not the Democrat Party, I did not vote.
Jul 2014
Border Fence
I really, really want her to run again.

One final embarrassment for her.

And Hillary is a known liar, you can't believe anything she says.
what is the difference between HRC lies and Donald Trumps? Why do you accept one and not the other?

Clearly you don't have a problem with lying