Bill would limit heavy truck speed to 65 mph

Jul 2011
Memphis, Tn.
No, most drivers do not get paid for loading and unloading. However, it is counted as On Duty time in the Qualcom, which counts toward their 60 hours in a week, or 14 hours in a day.
Oh, so the don't get paid only for the miles they drive? Are they not "on duty" reagrdless of the speed they are traveling legally?
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Jul 2011
This whole conversation is a contest of values. The fact that a truck driver might take home $98 less a week, before tax, is inconsequential when weighed against the loss of life occasioned when an out of control truck hits a passenger car, or a group of passenger cars, or even another heavy vehicle.

Even under ideal dry road conditions an 80,000lb truck would take nearly the length of two football fields to stop from even 65 mph - and that would ignore driver reaction time and air brake lag. At 75mph, the stopping distance could be anything between 800-900ft. That amount of kinetic energy would destroy any light vehicle in its path.

I expect one's choice depends upon what one values more in society - human life, or a few dollars more. :think:
May 2019
West Haven
That is a fear that happens every time a new technology is introduced and it never materializes.
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