Bill would limit heavy truck speed to 65 mph

Mar 2019
"US" of A
The point is most accidents involving trucks are caused by cars. Why do trucks have to pay for what is not their fault. Slowing truck will cause more problems. This is non truck drivers showing their ignorance

Truck Speed Limiters Won’t Improve Highway Safety |

Mandatory speed limiters will cause more deaths – Tandem Thoughts
As long as we all have someone to blame we never have to take any responsibility for anything do we, it's the american way.
Jul 2011
The post that I replied to, specifically stated that the poster had seen a truck wipe out a car at a corner, and that was an objection to trucks going 70 mph. Since there are no corners on the interstates, that objection was moot.
If you are referring to the post I made - I was a passenger in a car which was sideswiped by an articulated lorry. The car I was in was damaged, but not wiped out - else I would not be here posting upon this subject.

My point being that large articulated lorries are cumbersome vehicles not easy to control - even at low city speeds - much less at 75 - 80 mph, and under adverse highway conditions. Their speeds should be kept below 60 mph. And yes, depending upon the topography, motorways can have have curves which are demanding at high speeds, but the greater potential danger in an emergency is the stopping distances of heavy vehicles.

80,000lbs has an awful lot of kinetic energy, and the contact patch and coefficient of friction of even large truck tyres (which are optimised for longevity rather than adhesion) is relatively modest. Have you ever seen the smoke pouring off the tyres of a big rig trying to stop in an emergency?
Apr 2012
You might as well say "only liberals need to use the bathroom on a regular basis."

It's a basic fact of human biology: Driving for more than four hours without a break is inherently dangerous.

The body isn't built to remain alert for that period of time without stretching, movement and outdoor refreshment.

Simple realities like this are why we deem drivers to be drunk on the basis of BAC, not "ability to hold liquor."
I can stop at a rest area in minutes. I do not need to take a half hour break as required every 8 hours