Black college pres.: Trump admin meetings were ‘troubling’. Really? You got Played!

Mar 2016
Slumming Around In orange baby NEW America!
Black college president: Trump admin meetings were ‘troubling’


The president of one of the country’s oldest historically black colleges called a series of meetings with
Trump administration officials this week “troubling” and said they ultimately failed to live up to expectations.

“In general, the meetings were a troubling beginning to what must be a productive relationship,
Morehouse College President John Wilson Jr. said in a statement to the school’s students on Wednesday, highlighted by the Huffington Post.

Wilson also blasted comments by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, in which she called HBCUs “real pioneers when it comes to
school choice” – an education policy advocated by DeVos.

HBCUs, Wilson said, did not develop out of a desire for greater school choice, but rather because many African Americans were
not permitted to attend other schools.

“HBCUs were not created because the 4 million newly freed blacks were unhappy with the choices they had,” he said.
“They were created because they had no choices at all.
That is not just a very important distinction, it is profoundly important.”

DeVos later walked back her comment.

Black college president: Trump admin meetings were ?troubling? | TheHill

:think: They knew what TrumPigOlini was doing. But you went. Thanks for exposing the Lying Con Man!

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