Black support for Trump 35%


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Heads up people. From Wikipedia:

"One America News Network, also referred to as One America News, is an American right-wing to radical right wing pay television news channel launched on July 4, 2013, owned by Herring Networks, Inc. The network is headquartered in San Diego, California, and operates a news bureau in Washington, D.C. and New York City."

Too bad they didn't go with One News America Network, then they could be ONAN.
LOL... Owned by (Red) Herring Networks!


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I found this article:

The poll of 1,092 registered voters was conducted Nov. 17–20, partly by automated landline calls and partly online. The same poll taken a month earlier showed approval for Trump’s presidency at 17.8 percent among blacks.
The pollster warns that results for subsets of voters have a higher margin of error than the 2.9 percentage points the poll has as a whole. For black voters, the margin is 8.3 percent, according to Spencer Kimball, assistant professor at Emerson College who oversees the polling.
But there doesn’t seem to be any issue with the data itself that could explain such a significant increase.
In November, Emerson interviewed 153 black voters, compared with 140 in October. There were slightly more Republicans in the November group (13.1 percent versus 10.2 percent in October). But there were also more Democrats (69.5 percent vs 64.1 percent).
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But you had to put up with Obama for 8 years. That musta been a real bitch man.

Then you follow Obama with one of the dumbest people [EDITED] you could find. Sheesh! Trump's not just stupid but he's one corrupt, vile, stinking racist.
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Thanksgiving at my girlfriend's mother's house had about thirty black relatives in attendance. Not one of them was a Trump supporter. I know that that's a pretty small sample group, take it for what it's worth. I work with a large number of black clientele, very few support Trump. It's an eccedently rare phenomenon, in fact.