Blinking lights on the horizon

May 2007
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Not long ago I was in north Texas in the area at the base of the panhandle. Literally in the middle of nucking fowhere. It was just before sunrise and I was on two lane asphalt road with no shoulders and very little striping.

Off in the distance I noticed long rows of blinking red lights. I assumed it was a landing site for military aircraft. As I drove closer I noticed that the lights were not lined up like a runway and the blinking pattern was odd. The combination of the remote location, the road with vegetation growing up to the edge of the road on both sides and the number of red blinking lights made it look like something out of a dream or a science fiction movie.

After about ten miles I finally got close enough to see it was a wind farm. Most of them had a red blinking light at the center of the propeller and I am assuming that is to warn low flying aircraft.

Once I got to the point I was driving through the wind farm area it was starting to be daylight. There was some pipeline construction going on in the same area. The other thing that stood out once it got to be daylight were all the electrical poles and wires that cut across the landscape.

I have always been in favor of developing more environmentally froendly sources of energy. The thing that struck me was how desolate the whole area looked. That particular area of Texas is pretty sparse in terms of rural population. I did see two deer crossing the road but no livestock and I didn’t see any signs of produce farming in the area. It basically looked like a post nuclear war waste land scene from a movie and if covered a fairly large chunk of land.

What I am not interested in hearing is the RWNJ perspective but does anyone who isn’t a climate denier have any first hand insight about wind farms?

My immediate thought when I was there that I hoped that there would continue to be advances in solar panels.
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May 2012
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What kind of information are you looking for?

That they produce small amounts of energy and are an eye sore?

They kill bird populations?

The amount of land you would need to cover with windmills for it actually to be an effective alternative source of energy is astounding.

Its kind of the same thing with solar.

You can run your house on it, hell my boat can run on it, but you aren't going to power an entire electrical grid with it without massive inconvenience.
Feb 2010
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Texas is by far the most "windpowered" state. The windfarms generate enough electricity to meet the daily power needs of 2 million people. They provide double the amount Nuclear does.