"Blue wave" a "Tsunami" or a "ripple"?

Apr 2014
Ps..I notice your apathy toward me...LOL! Calm down

You built a strawman. I've never claimend nor said what you stated in your first sentence and when you say dumb shit like this makes me cringe to think you teach anyone anything. Then you want to attribute your disgusting strawman to my family?

You are a disgusting human being.

And thank you for confirming you would be meddling in the affairs of other parents thus cementing my notion that if you were involved in any shcool my kids went to I'd be suing you out of a job. You are a disgrace.

I understand it better than you. My daugter has been in jiu-jitsu since 3.

Stop with your pig posting lady. You are disgusting. Don't you have more people to rip off, charlatan?[/QUOTE]

Hey I never said I was apathetic.im not apathetic to your posts l.you’re the one pretending to be cool Toward me and yet you seem to go off the deep end and get overly emotional. I need to hear from people like you...most people I work with don’t sink that low
Why do you keep bringing your family into it? I really don’t give a damn about your family I think that you are the disgrace because you lack such understanding of sexual harassment and sexual abuse from everything you say. I’m glad your daughter is in jujitsu but who cares. Why do you keep bringing your family into it
Do you think you can try and control yourself and act like a grown-up and stead of sinking as low as you are. I am trying very hard not to get to your level. Why are you letting me know that I am getting to you? I always tell my students that the worst insult is indifference

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