Boris Johnson resigns

Jun 2014
Cleveland, Ohio
The UK should tell the EU to FUCK OFF and put 50% trade tariffs in place. Shut the border and kick out all the sponging immigrants. Pack them all into ships, send them away.

In all the years we needed Thatcher, now is the time.
Maybe reopen the workhouses and commence banishing criminals and orphans to Australia again, too!

O, the joys of exploitation!
Feb 2010
Sunny Bournemouth, Dorset
Johnson resigned twelve days ago, but is still living in his "Grace and Favour" government house that goes with the job... I say send in the bailiffs to evict the entitled c........
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May 2019
This thread caught my eye since I was not a member @ the time of the OP. How things changed in such a short 11 months BJ.
Apr 2012
I quite like coffee and doughnuts - but I am given to understand that doughnuts are amongst the worst things one can eat. They are all carbohydrate, sugar and saturated fats, and may be considered a cholesterol bomb. :D

Though it may look wicked - the only thing really harmful in a Devonshire tea might be the jam (I often have the scones with only cream).
Leo, As a huge reader of British books I have always wondered is Clotted Cream sour like our Cottage Cheese or Yogurt? Scones, I know, have baked them.

My Grandmother baked biscuits that were delicious, my Mother hot yeast rolls. The taste was heavenly.

But I still wonder about Clotted Cream.
Apr 2012
Scones with cream first are an abomination! Spread the jam, with a blob of cream, the proper Cornish way!
For me it is Peanut Butter and Jam on Toast. Heading there right now.:) i found a Peanut Butter with Honey in it! Cracked Wheat toast.
Sep 2012
He is a coward and should be drawn and quartered and hung from the Tower Bridge to warn other shysters what happens when you destroy a nation and then walk away.
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