Both Parties are Wrong on Trump

Dec 2018
The sound folks in the US did beat the Trump voters by 3 million votes in the election... yet the system of the EC allows this country to have a President who's losing the popular vote by far.

Reminds me of those kids who claim the test wasn’t fair after they failed it because they didn’t study.
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Jul 2013
On a happy trail

Reminds me of those kids who claim the test wasn’t fair after they failed it because they didn’t study.
But it explains why he isn't popular and is highly criticized. The majority didn't like him enough to vote for him and would do so again probably in much larger numbers if the last election was any indication. Live with it.

Plus the party seems to have returned to the Nixonian era of providing a home for Jim Crow. Not a good look.
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Mar 2019
Only one party was dumb enough to nominate Hillary.

Worst major party nominee in my lifetime.

STILL unbelievable that she couldn't win an election against Trump...

I truly could not have ever in my life envisioned two worse candidates. Most election come down to the "lesser" of to evils. With Trump and Hillary there really was no "lesser" to be had.
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Nov 2015
Tribalists are gonna tribe. It doesn't matter each each camp has it's prejudices and acts on them and them alone.
Karl Popper said that one of the things you should do is you should always look for information that contradicts your current viewpoint. That's the only way for you to still be learning and keep your stability. Very few do that.

You should always engage in dialogue with those you disagree with so you learn things that you didn't know. But do that by keeping your cool and avoid using the ignore function!
Jul 2014
At least Hillary knew what policy is, and could speak coherently. She didn't use stupid nicknames, attack gold start families and John McCain (the list could go on and on)
She could also run the worst presidential campaign in the history of presidential campaigns.

And call a third of Americans "deplorables".

And tell numerous lies about her illegal email server and all those classified emails.

Yep, she was "special" all right!
Oct 2014
Just something that I see come up from time to time. And something that honestly dumbfounds me a bit. With all the obsession on Trump, I’m baffled as to how both sides have not come to the conclusion that he is a giant narcissist. The guy is a moron, but I think he is a total moron. At least not when it comes to keeping himself relevant. He is like that kid in the classroom who won’t shut up. Always wants attention.

So knowing that. I’m baffled by 2 things. How could anyone believe he is actually a conservative? He isn’t. He says what he thinks will keep him popular. And how have the democrats failed to pucker up and kiss his ass and get what they want out of him?
None of this is an argument...

- How do you figure Trump is a "giant narcissist"? (This one I can accept as likely true)

- How do you figure he is a moron?

Etc, down the list of claims... there's not even a rationale as to how one would draw those conclusions.