Bottom line on Solemani's assassination

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what war. You seem ok with terrorist killing americans if you can attack trump over it. #trumpapologist
No response to further flame bait from you.
Albert Einstein: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.
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There is still no direct proof of this accusation.
Actually there is proof that Trump's administration has forbidden the DoD from reporting information related to drone strikes. The very fact that there is no information coming out of the administration is proof enough. We know from the actually people involved in these strikes that they are going on and have been since Trump was elected. Trump has even made the policy a secret. Media reporting indicates that counterterrorism operations broadly and terrorism strikes specifically have been expanding with little public notice or congressional engagement.

“We no longer tell our enemies our plans,” the president proclaimed during his State of the Union address, and the rest of his bureaucracy has taken the philosophy to heart, hiding once-public details on troop commitments, strike data, and more.

Congress is largely sidelined; and the American public is kept intentionally in the dark. Drones as a platform did not force this dynamic, but lowering the perceived cost of U.S. military operations lowered the expectation to fully engage in debate about such activities, and diminished the perceived need to take stock of success or failure. The result is that unmanned now means unmanaged, un-overseen, and unaccountable.