Breaking: Deal To Avert Shutdown

Jul 2016
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House and Senate negotiators said they have reached an “agreement in principle” on border security funding that would avert a second government shutdown on Friday.

Senator Richard Shelby, an Alabama Republican, and Representative Nita Lowey, a New York Democrat, made the announcement at the Capitol on Monday night.

Bipartisan Negotiators Meet In Attempt To Avert New Partial Government Shutdown
Richard ShelbyPhotographer: Mark Wilson/Getty Images
Leaders of both parties in the House and Senate resolved a last-minute snag on the number of immigration detention beds during a series of meeting Monday afternoon and evening before signing off on the agreement.
Jul 2014
Yep, Sen Shelby says "We've had a good evening. We've reached an agreement in principle."

Nothing done yet, but it sounds promising.

Hope this works...
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Jul 2014
If no deal emerges, lawmakers and the White House could find another way to keep the government open. One option under consideration would be to pass a package of full-year spending bills for all affected government agencies except the Department of Homeland Security. DHS could then be funded on a short-term basis while lawmakers continue to work on a deal on immigration, according to two officials familiar with the discussions who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the private talks.

The White House is open to that approach, and Lowey said Democrats could also be open to it if necessary.

Trump’s demands for funds to build a border wall, which prompted the 35-day government shutdown that ended late last month, are not the central sticking point in the current impasse. Instead, the two sides are at odds over Democrats’ attempt to impose a new cap on detentions of immigrants apprehended within the United States, as opposed to at the border. Negotiators refer to this cap as representing the number of “beds” that the government can use for detentions.
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