Breaking: New Zealand mass shootings at two Mosques

Apr 2012
This is a bad scene. I thought Democrats always tell us this only happens in the US. I thought they have strict gun laws there. Hopefully, they catch the shooter before any more get hurt or die

Shooting attacks at New Zealand mosques, multiple fatalities

"Clearly what has happened here is an extraordinary and unprecedented act of violence."

At least six people are believed to have been killed, reported the New Zealand Herald.

Radio New Zealand quoted a witness inside the Al Noor mosque saying he heard shots fired and at least four people were lying on the ground and "there was blood everywhere".

"Horrified to hear of Christchurch mosque shootings. There is never a justification for that sort of hatred," said Amy Adams, a member of parliament from Christchurch.

The Bangladesh cricket team was going to Friday prayers at the mosque, the Masjid Al Noor, when the shooting occurred but all members were safe, a team coach told Reuters.

Shootings were reported at the Al Noor Mosque, the Linwood Masjid mosque and Christchurch Hospital.

Mohan Ibrahim described events to the Herald, saying he ran for his life when he heard the shots.
Dec 2014
"Many dead in New Zealand during mosque attacks. Two mosques attacked by gunmen with 'a number of fatalities' as police arrest four suspects - 3 men and a woman. Gunmen entered two mosques and began shooting in New Zealand's city of Christchurch on Friday with police saying there were many dead."

  • Gunman first opened fire at Al Noor Mosque in Christchurch
  • At least 27 dead and up to 50 injured
  • Shooter is Australian and live-streamed the attack, four in custody
  • Bangladesh cricket team were at the mosque and escaped
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