Bronx DA's Office Riddled With Sex, Booze & Fights

Jun 2014
Cleveland, Ohio
Fucking disgraceful. Every lawyer involved should be disbarred if this is true.

Bronx DA Robert Johnson, in office since 1989.

The Bronx District Attorney’s office is a cesspool of on-duty sex, swinging margarita-soaked parties and rampant prosecutorial misconduct, a veteran crime analyst with the office claimed Monday in papers filed with the city.

Crystal Rivera, an 11-year employee, said she has witnessed prosecutors cheat on their husbands and wives, boozed-up assistant district attorneys stumble to court after a few drinks and even the occasional brawl.

“It’s been something in the office that’s been going on for many years,” she said.

“People are having sex in the office,” Rivera said. “We used to have parties called ‘the narcotics parties’ where ADAs (would) have sexual relationships with officers and prosecutors. We’ve had incidents where ADAs are having sex with each other and they're married.”

When she worked in the Child Abuse and Sex Crimes Unit, Rivera said, prosecutors would use the tough cases they were working on as excuses to get hammered nearly daily.

“We would have a party every week,” she said. “At first it was because, ‘Oh, we had a hard day. We had a hard week. We had a hard case.’ Then it just became routinely popular and our office in our floor was known for partiers.”

Rivera, a mom of four, said some staffers stockpiled liquor and other alcoholic beverages in their offices.

She said prosecutors would down alcohol, but still go to court.

“(The ADAs) would drink and we’d page them, ‘The court is calling,’ ” she said. “They would answer their pagers, go to court — physically and mentally intoxicated — do their job and come back.”

Rivera, who earned $45,000 in 2017, made the scathing remarks as she talked about a $15 million notice of claim she’s made to sue Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark for ordering her not to speak to the NYPD cop she was dating.

Rivera said the egregious misconduct she witnessed always made her uncomfortable, but she didn’t know who to report it to.

“It's just ridiculous that we have to sit and condone this just because we are staff members and they are prosecutors,” she said. “Who do we talk to when our superiors are the ones doing this?”
Bronx DA?s office overrun with sex, booze and fights: employee - NY Daily News

Imagine you are the family member of a homicide victim in the Bronx, reading this. Or a prisoner convicted by them with a colorable claim to innocence. Imagine the IMPACT this behavior has had over the years.

It just absolutely beggars belief, and it cannot be excused if it is true.

Your thoughts?
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