Burn a flag for chocolate


Former Staff
Apr 2007
CONFEDERATE flag, that is. This is a funny story that took place in a town not far from me.

Confederate-lovers attempt to destroy a chocolate business – and it hilariously backfires

“On July 27, Matthew Shepherd, who owns Matthew’s Chocolates, at 104 N. Churton St., encountered a pro-Confederate demonstration about 100 feet from his shop’s front door,” the newspaper reported. “As he walked past, rolling his eyes, one of them turned to him, saying, “boy in the pink shirt, why don’t you go back to your chocolate shop,” he said in an interview Monday.”

He told the newspaper he had also heard from customers worried about crossing the street while the Confederate protesters were there...

“The sign went viral when three men with the Confederate group posted a photo of themselves behind the sign on social media, evoking angry responses nationwide and overwhelming the shop’s Facebook page and Yelp review site,” The News & Observer.