Buttigieg challenges Pence on LGBTQ rights: "Your quarrel is with my creator"

Nov 2008
Washington state
Absent any proof that they "decide" to be gay, then that's the only other option. You could say they "decide" to act on their innate urges, but I just don't see how you can tell someone that you know their innermost feelings better than they do, or where they come from. That's exactly what you are claiming—that you know them ( who you've never met) better than they do.
That’s it, we have to trust the claims

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Apr 2012
You show you know nothing about science. Pete Buttigieg did not CHOOSE to be gay. He was indeed born that way. If you are a believer, then yes, his Creator made him that way.
That is a lie. Show scientific proof people are born gay. I guess you also think they are bon rapists and pedophiles
Apr 2012
Seems to me Petey is FAR more knowledgeable about the Bible than Mike Pence. The Bible is very clear about judging others and how you should treat your neighbor. Lessons Pence knows NOTHING about

I find it so comical that you think Mayor Pete is less godly than Pence because he is gay. Sure, the Bible says you shouldn’t be gay. But Pence’s boss that he defends daily is out there straight up breaking multiple commandments.

Which is the greater sin? One that is a passing line, or one that God made Moses write on stone tablets with no pen on a mountain top?
Shows you also know nothing about the Bible
Jul 2013
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Stop your lies all you do is show you know nothing about me or the Bible
Now you are a liar in the eyes of Christ when you bear false witness. You break numerous commandments every time you post here. And YOU never repent or apologize to those you bear false witness to.

You know what that means don't you?