California brings big brother to life and creates thought crime


Feb 2010
Yes it is. Assimilation into the beef-stew (not melting pot) society is and should be our policy goal.

It cannot and should not be forced, but we can tilt the scales. That's a public good.
To make that happen we really only have to keep being a really attractive culture. Assimilation is a three-generation project and always has been. Generation One is excited to be here (they volunteered) or resentful of having to be here (they got dragged by someone who did volunteer). Generation Two grows up here and so--really--they are Americans. They go to American schools, watch American media, and they're bi-lingual. Generation Three is pretty much fully assimilated. They know enough of the Old Country's tongue to make their grandparents smile. They know nothing but the US, plus some family or community traditions mapped on top of that. Many of them have mixed heritage, with lots of Anglo-Saxon mixed in. I don't know how many students I've had with names like Erika Lopez or Sean Rodriquez. They can make tamales but they can't speak Spanish and they're more interested in the Raiders than the Chivas.

There's little to worry about.
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