California turning Liberals into Republicans on one issue (Mandatory Vaccinations)

Jun 2014
United States
Right, well... it's always nice to see blind devotion in something, but for my family, I'll chose to not roll the dice with my children.

Your choice. One in 10,000 will typically be adversely affected by a vaccine. It is a risk. It's just a lesser risk than is exposure to the disease.


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I don't see that? The bill says nothing about home schooling.

But I found this...interesting

Hundreds of dubious medical exemptions handed out by California’s infamous anti-vaccine pediatrician, Dr. Robert Sears, would be revoked under fresh amendments to a state bill designed to boost vaccination rates.

The bill’s author, state Senator (and MD) Richard Pan (D-Sacramento), came to an agreement on the amendments late last week with California Gov. Gavin Newsom.

The bill, SB 276, aims to crack down on bogus medical exemptions, which surged in the wake of the state’s 2015 law eliminating vaccine exemptions based on personal and religious beliefs. Dr. Pan was prompted to author the bill after discovering that some “unscrupulous” doctors had been exempting children from vaccine requirements based on questionable or outright sham medical reasons—sometimes for hefty fees. The exemptions left some communities under-protected from vaccine-preventable illnesses.

Revised CA vaccine bill would revoke exemptions from infamous anti-vax doc [Updated]

Kind of sounds like the school admission scandal.
How is Doctor Sears an "infamous anti-vaccine" Doctor, when his alternative schedule includes every single vaccine available? That sort of hit job on someone who's only offense is actually thinking for himself, and him as a professional doctor no less, makes me trust the industry less. In my opinion, getting educated on something and making your own informed decision is always going to be better than blind faith.

If I were to follow along with what the pro vax folks want with my older son who already is developmentally delayed, and he is injured by a vaccine, you know who's fault it is? The law says its not the manufacturers fault. It won't be the doctors fault either. Certainly it won't be the fault of any pro vax peeps here. It would be my fault, because I listened to folks that are only interested in herd immunity, and not in the specific welfare of my child. Protecting my child is my responsibility. So that's what I'll do.
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My wife is liberal in many ways, but on vaccination she is more individual rights, than community rights, if that makes sense.

Yesterday Newsom signed into law SB276, which starting net year will limit doctors to signing for 5 medical exemptions per year or be subject to state investigation, cancel all existing exemptions at the end of 6th grade for us. I think that sort of combines grades into blocks, so cancels exemptions at the end of elementary, middle, and high school... or some such thing. My older son has been recommended not to vaccinate due to developmental issues, and then my younger son also, though just because of being related to my older son. I also have a brother that was mentally changed overnight when vaccinated. I hate to say crippled... but the difference was night and day, and now at 30 he is self sufficient, but slow... sort of sounds like a pot head, though he's never touched it.

But in any case, in spite of having two family members that have issues and are at risk, SB276 is pretty draconian, leaving us with no public school option 4 years from now. And my wife, a naturalized citizen, born in Paris, and as Liberal as you'd expect a French person to be, just re-registered as a Republican. She is active online with other parents, many of whom have had terrible outcomes from vaccinating one or more of their children, including some deaths... and many are saying the same thing. The Republicans all voted against it. The Democrats all voted for it. And this issue is more important than any other of their political concerns.

I am sure that the pro vaccination types outnumber the folks who are either anti vaccination or other (pro choice, delayed / spread out schedules, etc)…. but I think there are enough in the anti group, that if many of them changed, it would make the GOP a threat in California.
at least they are truning on the grounds of something.... political.
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I think it makes sense for public school attendance, beyond that it does dip into darker territory.
All it'd take is for one carrier kid at Disneyland to take out a Small World, afterall.

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