Calling All Iceholes - need to fill pool

Jun 2006

I've got a 12 team NHL Fantasy hockey pool with 11 players. Need a 12th. Jackalope's husband is also in it for his third year now.

You'll take over Seraphima's team.

It's done through, and is head to head like our PH football pool. It's actually based on our PH football pool. I made it because I liked our NFL one in 2013.

Three differences:

1) 20 dollar Canadian ante (That's about 15.35 US).

2) It's a keeper league so you can keep some, all or none of your last year's team for up to 3 years. This started 3 years ago so this year should be interesting as we have to either trade our original 2015 keepers, or lose them at the end of this year.

3) NHL isn't a game a week like NFL so you have to check in once a week at least to set your lines. Ex. Sidney Crosby might play 2 games this week while your backup Centre plays 4. You might switch Crosby out that week for the guy with more games.

I'll talk you through the rules.

First come first serve. I can't take more than 1 as its a keeper league. Preference given to sultry Swedish bikini models with low self-esteem and daddy issues.

I usually do 2nd place gets their money back ($20), 1st place gets the rest ($220)
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Apr 2012
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A man wanted to hunt polar bears so he went to see a man who knows.
The man said- you must dig big hole in ice, then you line the edge of hole with peas.
Peas ? What are the peas for ? Asked the hunter.
We hide behind a blind, and when the bear comes to take a pea, we run out and kick him in the ice hole.

Badda bing!
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Dec 2006
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Really? For serious?

You need to make an ESPN account with an email address, and I need that email address ASAP.

Only if you want to. No pressure.
sure. You'll have to explain the rules to me, though. I'll PM my e-mail account name to you now, but I can't create the account until tonight.
Jun 2006
Thread re-opened.

So [MENTION=913]TennesseeRain[/MENTION] DID join my hockey pool. She scraped into the playoffs. Knocked off the number 1 seed, and WON!!!!!

So now she's waiting for 200 dollars in crisp Canadian 20s to arrive. Not sure how useful those are where she is. Maybe she can call them "Queen Coasters" and protect her coffee table.
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