Can SCIENCE and RELIGION ever compliment eachother?

Nov 2010
No, sciences is the search for truth, based on facts inquiry, studies, test, experiments, observation, etc. FActualy, verifiable information, that is adaptable based on new information. Oh, and it definitely works as all the technology we have are all based on scientific knowledge, and they work, so we know science works

Religion is made up versions of reality that is fixed and doesn't change or adapt. There is no truth, and there is no search for truth other than " if you believe, its true"

People have had science for eons...not millennia. It was not vodoo that helped man concur fire.

It was not the ghost of a desert bush that helped man fashion tools of stone.

Yeah, science predates religion
Jul 2017
first we had religion!
for centuries, millennia people all over the world lived their lives in accord with the principles and teachings of an ancient book(s). whole entire nations and cultures were permeated by archaic philosphies and folktale.

then around half a millennia ago............. THE RENAISSANCE!
learned teachings based on fact and logical algorithms began to take hold of humanity. we learned that the earth was not flat, we learned the earth was not the centre of the universe.... we learned that our great grandparents were monkeys...

the big question is.... can religion and science ever be reconciled?? will science ever prove that god exists? can the JAMES WEBB telescope spot heaven?? or will religion retract certain views to be compatible with science?
False history, the "Renaissance" was just a rediscovering of teachings which had been discovered by the ancient Romans and Greeks and lost after the fall of Rome; educated people as far back as ancient Greece and Rome knew that the earth was not flat (it was Pythagoras who theorized that it was round), and also had theories that humans were biologically related to other creatures (pre-dating Darwin's theory of evolution), and these weren't viewed in conflict with spiritual and philosophical things.

The above you're quoting is just a pseudo-history invented by the Secular Humanist cult, which essentially just believes that their philosophy (which was essentially invented by Augute Comte after the French Revolution) is directly equatable to "science", when it really isn't and its myths about "science and technology leading to progress" are really pseudoscientific, since there is no "evidence" that science and technology always lead to progress, as much like nuclear weapons, they can lead to destruction, so it's a philosophy based on blind faith in Secular Humanism, not raw "science".
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