Can Trump Trolls and Trumpians tell us.....

Jun 2013
Who cares? There were REAL crimes then. This is all fake.
Real crimes????
According to what convictions?

Why has Trump not been deposed for all the allegations against him and if only to be questioned about the Stormy Daniels affair. Did he or did he not pay hush money to her for a specific reason and what was they reason?

If Clinton's IMPEACHMENT (without being found guilty of the charges of impeachment, after how long and how expensive an investigaton? ) was all about questions and denials about "sex", how is it Trump, who is not only an adulterer and has had numerous allegations of sexual misconduct against him, is found in an audio tape suggesting women "let" celebrities (like him) "grab them by the pussy" (because they like it?) and on the record as paying $130,000 to a porn star ( a payment he first denied) to stay quiet about something he claims never happened.

How many Presidents have the Democrat's impeached? In spite of easily impeachable offenses by Republicans?

And you call Clinton getting consensual BJ's in the Oval Office, "real crimes"????

Do you expect anyone to take you seriously?
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