Can we all just simply agree that racism is wrong ?

Can we all just simply agree that racism is wrong ?

  • yes.

    Votes: 19 86.4%
  • no.

    Votes: 4 18.2%

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Mr. Pragmatic,

He's saying he doesn't believe racism is wrong.
Actually, no. He isn't.

Agreed. Kallie is reading it wrong or deliberately making a false statement.

StanStill stated his position at least twice; that since we can't all agree upon a common definition of what racism is and isn't, then we can't agree that it's wrong. I voted that it's wrong despite knowing some people have a narrower view of defining racism than my own view.

I voted no. I don’t think we can agree on what is and isn’t racism, so I don’t see how we could agree that racism is wrong.

Maybe someday we can, but probably not in my lifetime.
Fair enough, but the question as I read it is can we all agree that racism is wrong, not “Is racism wrong?”. Clearly I can agree that racism as I see it is wrong, but there are many people here and elsewhere who don’t agree that the things I find to be examples of racism are racism or wrong. Therefore we are using different definitions of the word. Therefore we aren’t really in agreement.

Also, I wanted to actually see if we could have an argument on a thread that we probably all expected to be in agreement about.