Canada: Liberal cabinet minister, Ontario PC leader -- accused of sexual harassment

Jan 2018
Winnipeg, Canada

Kent Hehr, Liberal cabinet minister, accused of sexual harassment 1h ago

Trudeau says he will speak to Kent Hehr about allegations from woman on Twitter 4h ago

Trudeau says he will speak to Kent Hehr about sexual misconduct allegations CTV News 33m ago


Is Trudeau going to set his straight? :D ... while commending women for coming out against the other side's Con's dude ))

Bottom line is: Liberals / Conservatives ... are the same when it comes to thinking "with your dick(s)" ... same chit, just different pile ... :D


More about

Patrick Brown

Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario


'Disturbing allegations' against Patrick Brown won't change election plans, says Sarnia-Lambton MPP 1h ago

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Patrick Brown quits over sexual misconduct allegations
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The Man

Former Staff
Jul 2011

Men are men. Too many of us are idiots about this stuff, regardless of nation, race, religion, or political party.


Former Staff
Aug 2011
Heaven Above
Apparently, these scumbags come from all political persuasions.